Monday, January 12, 2004

Prospects? Nah, not round here...

Watched documentary last night about the famine in Ethiopia. Very moving. Glad there are people out there who can be bothered to do something about it. Unlike me. Cos, well, I'm a lazy prat.

Also read this. Ditto above statement.

Erm in personal life. Arranging dates left right and centre (good non sexual, proper ones before Zoe tells me off!) but really I should be getting to grips with how I'm feeling instead of filling my time to avoid confronting my emotions. Obviously I won't... but I really should...

PS would someone rich and famous come marry me and take me away to a castle in the sky? Come on... you know you want to.. look I'll even settle for Johann Hari here... yes the Independent columnist... No, I wasn't reading the Independent.. never... honest... eek... *runs away*

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