Friday, January 09, 2004

Needles In My Eyes

I did go to my arranged meeting with a bloke in town. Ended up in a hotel, having sex. Raised my spirits for a nanosecond. On way home train didn't stop at Westenhanger like it was supposed... grr... had to go to Ashford and change there. Double grr... with a cherry on top.

Back to work today. It's really not what I need right now. But life seems to go on regardless of feelings.

At home, alone on a Friday night. Not one text to my phone since Zoe asked me what the closest tube station to the science museum was.. I advised South Kensington.. hope I am right!

In better news have been invited to a party tomorrow night round Patricia's for her birthday.. got proper invite and everything.. says Jason and Guest. Laughed at that. Not in a happy way tho.

My temper is very short at mo. That is not a good sign based on past experience. Had a go at STUPID woman yesterday who was standing pointlessly in middle of path and kept getting in my way each time I tried to get round her. She looked pretty shocked. Good. Please note this was the only path for miles around, in the middle of nowhere... she had to go out of her way, to be in anyone elses!

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