Wednesday, January 14, 2004

A Revelation

As you may or may not know, I am always one to try and get my beliefs out of tension. Basically this means making sure that all my beliefs are squared up across the board, and complement each other.

I will admit now that I have always had a general bias against Israel. I always have.. I've just seen it as a symbol of opression and all that is wrong with the world. But... oh dear God I about to say something that I shall be strung up for... my opinions have finally shifted.

My opinions of countries are becoming more and more influenced by their treatment of homosexuals and other sexual minorities. Israel has a far better record than any of the Arab countries around it, and than the Palestinian Authority.

I have been reading many articles about the origins of the Israeli state and the creation of the Palestinian refugee problem. Today I watched "Days That Shoke The World" which details May 14th 1948 the day of the declaration of Independence. Very inspirational. So I promise to be a lot more tolerant in my personal views about the Israel-Palestine conflict. So ner!

And interesting Guardian articles:

What's Love Got to Do With It? and

The roadhog right cannot deny it: speed cameras work. Speed cameras are a subject I am particularly moved by... if you break the law, and you are stupid enough to be caught (fools!) then you should pay the price... full stop. Either don't break the law (cos you could run over someones child, a crime far worse than most I can think of) or don't get caught and keep stum about your criminality... (cos if you don't you deserve to go to prison simply for being a plonker).

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