Monday, October 05, 2009

What Is It With People??

Sitting on my train at Cannon Street, watching a documentary on my iPod, it slowly dawned on me we were running late. Mere moments later the driver came over the tannoy to report that a "member of the public" (for which read "dullard") had walked off of Platform 1 on to the tracks.

Of course this meant we weren't going anywhere until he was safely off of the tracks. Much blowing of whistles and shouts from station staff followed but the idiot was having none of it. Shortly after the transport police arrived and he was quickly dragged off the tracks, behind a platform barrier and just barely out of view much to the frustration of the neck craning passengers. And off we went 10 minutes late.

Why do these people do this? What caused this maniac to think it was a good idea to have a wander on the tracks of Cannon Street bridge? People truly are stupid. I used to have faith in humanity. That probably makes me just as stupid as everyone else. Grr.....

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