Sunday, October 25, 2009

Schonhauser allee

Home tomorrow. Don't make me come back! I heart berlin. P.s. I'm drunk.


  1. Willkommen nach London! Bet you had a great time.

    Our London plans are coming along. We found a self-catering apartment a few steps down Kensington Church Street from the Notting Gate tube station. Lots of great restaurants nearby. And pubs.

    Now we must try, once again, to figure out the differences between (and the relative advantages of) the Oyster card vs. the Visitor's Travel Card. Online the explanations are vague.

  2. I would suggest just going for the Travel card. You don't need to worry then about budgets (although you need to bear in mind what travel zones you plan to visit!) and you get a discount on the awesome Thames Clipper (which I recommend you try from Westminster up to Greenwich one day, it's the only way to travel in style).