Saturday, October 03, 2009

The Little Things

Despite being a highly secretive person, my life is (almost literally!) an open book. My loves, my hates, the time I ran away, all are recorded here for you to read. Well, Dear Constant Reader, you still don't know everything! So I thought I'd give you a helping hand with some tidbits about me, things most people don't know.

1) For all my primary school life I was known as Jason Martindale. Even after the end of my Mum's disastrous first marriage, I continued with that name until I began secondary school whereby I took up my mother's maiden name once more and decided never to change it again.
2) One of my oldest memories is of being at a nursery in New Hythe, near where my Mum worked. I wouldn't have been any older than 3 years old. I can't remember precisely what happened but I do remember that I had somehow persuaded myself it was pool day and that was how I found myself naked in the paddling pool in front of everyone else who obviously knew it was jungle gym day not, not pool day! I don't think the embarrassment has left me yet.
3) Another embarrassing memory from my youth is standing on the hill at Sharnal Lane overlooking Saltings Road estate and scream "My wings are a shield of steel" ala Batfink. A decade later I returned to Snodland and was walking through Saltings Road with Melly when a guy came out of his house and went "Look, it's Batfink!". Fame at last!

4) I gave up my Christianity when, whilst going through a period of typical teenage Jae mental instability, I decided that if the church doors at the next church I went to were locked then God obviously wasn't listening. After following this route I discovered he really wasn't when I came across a locked church in Newington. It was still a few years before I worked out there was no God at all.
5) I used to keep a tally of every time I saw my crush at school in the back of my homework diary. It puzzled some of my friends as to what I was doing leading only to awkward questions. Those were the days!

P.S. Notice my new design. I likes.

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  1. Jack Ryan3:46 am


    Like your new design a lot. Best from Florida.


  2. Jason Martindale...really? Sounds very...porny. Should you ever venture into that direction.. :p