Saturday, October 10, 2009

Folkestone Reconnaissance

Jim and I have spent the day walking around Folkestone (and then Sandgate) in order to give Jim (and sometimes me as well) an idea of the areas he has been looking out for renting properties.

We started off along the Stade (Folkestone Harbour for those not in the know) to look at a few properties there, one of which has the view seen to the left. Then Mum and Beth arrived and we had some fish and chips from Chummy's (could have been better, should have gone to Papas on Sandgate Road!). They left and Jim and I walked around the harbour to where the old Rotunda Amusement park used to be. It is truly awful there, and a total disgrace that not only was the Rotunda removed but the remaining concrete area has not been redeveloped or landscaped. I'm hoping this is all part of Roger De Haan's grand plan. Thankfully this did put Jim of Marine Terrace (hurrah!). 

We then wandered up to the Leas and all the way along and then back through the back streets (Grimston Gardens etc.) Jim and I were both taken with parts of that area, especially the quiet ones. Very nice.

After a brief detour into the Bayle, we got into the car and headed down to Sandgate where much working was done and much "Hmm... not really our scene" was heard. (P.S. my love for Gee's remains undimished by this statement).

Returned home and continuing a very naughty non-Paleo day we have ordered a curry. Mmm...

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  1. I love this post. It's nice learning about the geography of Folkestone. Charming.