Saturday, September 20, 2008

Why Do So Many People Hate Brent Corrigan?

As you, Dear Constant Reader, know I'm a Brent Corrigan fan. Not just for his gorgeous body, but also for his entertaining blog plus I'm eagerly awaiting Another Gay Sequel (which I'll buy once I've got myself a new job).

So I'm constantly amazed at how much bitterness and hatred this one boy can generate. Just take a read of the comments on this new gallery and on this interview over at Queerty. Ouch! Has a larger group of unhappy, moany old queens ever been gathered in one place before now? I think not, it's a new record! This sort of thing is the reason I don't read the mass market gay blogs, and I'm quite happy reading and commenting on all the less bitchy better quality personal gay blogs out there.

Brent Corrigan is a self promoter, he does need to earn a living! It seems stupid to make out that self promotion is evil when pretty much every blogger out there is doing the same thing and surely just by commenting on a blog is an attempt to promote your own point of view? They accuse him of exploiting his looks to get ahead. Erm.. guys I hate to break it to you but that's what got him this far, he has a porn background after all and if you've got it (and boy he's got it!) why not use it! And finally they have a go at him for being a porn star when he is currently in the process of mixing things up a little bit and trying to break into more mainstream acting. Give the boy a break!

I just hope that after the last few years he has grown a thick enough skin to let the insults roll off.


  1. Jae

    Brent really could care less but he is proud of his fans and how they stand up for him. Thats the main reason he asked everyone to chime in on Queerty.

    He calls the Bitchy Queens the 2 percenters! They mean nothing to him.

    The unedited interview is even better He posted that this afternoon.


  2. Well I'm glad he doesn't take it personally! Some of them are vicious!

    Thanks for commenting.

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