Saturday, July 21, 2007

Yoinked from Poetx

I haven't done a meme in years! So I've taken the opportunity to nick one from PoetX... here goes!

List 8 facts/habits about yourself
Post the rules at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed
Tag 8 people and post their names, go to their blogs and leave them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and ask them to read your blog.

1 - I like Diet Coke. I mean... I really like it. I like it to the point that people have started quoting health facts at me about it in the hopes of changing my guzzling habit. Sadly I don't think they realise... I know the facts. And I don't care. Mmmm... *glug*

2 - I worry constantly in public. I worry about how others perceive me, I worry about getting in others way, I worry that my trousers might fall down, I worry that that umbrella might catch me in the eye. I can never feel comfortable around strangers. Self conscious barely covers it. If you see me grasping my coat closed or fiddling with my mobile, it's because I'm a nervous freak

3 - In a similar vein... I always wear my coat. My coat is my blankie. It always makes me feel better and if I'm not wearing my coat I feel completely exposed. I still haven't recovered from the time my denim coat got thrown away. I loved that coat. :(

4 - I love sci-fi and fantasy. Comic books, television, movies. Count me in. I go in cycles of obsession... Star Wars one week, Star Trek the next, X-Men once a year. Buffy; always.

5 - I hate crowds. Partly this is to do with point 2 but mainly it's to do with my height. I can see over everyone else and I can usually see 1) what has caused the delay and 2) how to fix it. Sadly no one else can and I can only watch as the crowd proceeds to collapse into chaos and pushing while I weave my way down the clearest path. I HATE THAT.

6 - I work in Vauxhall. If you can imagine somewhere with open air urinals, homeless people lying collapsed on the street and the faint whiff of rubbish you have almost experienced what it's like. For a Monday morning just add drunken queens wandering through the streets off their face after being chucked out of the early morning gay clubs. It's a lovely place.

7 - In my life I've lived in 2 mansions (read, homes for the mentally disabled young person... don't worry... I was a son of the staff), a monastery, a caravan, a council house and a bed and breakfast (plus the occasional normal house).

8 - I am a creature of habit. I quickly learn the least stressful way of doing something (i.e. where the empty carriage is on a train or where the most obscure cash machine is away from the queues) and I stick to it. I get most annoyed if things change.

So that's my eight things... what's yours? (I'm not cruel enough to tag ya!)


  1. I'm quite similar to you in the whole worrying aspect in large crowds of people though I tend to swing the other way and over compensate in the way I act and more often than not probably come over look like a complete twat !! I have this overbearing habit of wanting people to like me. :oS

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