Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Blog Update

So... of late I've found my urge to blog waning slightly. I've realised this is due to a lack of focus. This blog, which started out as a personal diary, has become bloated and undisciplined.

I've decided that all political commentary and opinion is banned from come back to what you know. Should you, Dear Constant Reader, wish to keep up with Jae's thoughts on the world today feel free to visit Walk This World With Me.

Remember to take posts over there with a pinch of salt. I'm prone to exaggeration to make a point and can be very one sided. Polite comments and criticisms are always appreciated though!

I'm getting rid of some of the rot and bloat in the sidebar, and some of you who read this on a feed may get some old posts resurface as I am removing certain names and replacing them with initials to protect certain peoples privacy (MT).

This blog is six years old next month, and I think it bloody well needs to get in shape for it's birthday... a bit like this...

Who he? I hear someone cry... altogether now... CHARLES DERA!


  1. I have been such a bad blogger lately. It has been a busy time but so little that I think others would want to know much about: the latest pool cleaning chemicals, my bad knee, what the podiatrist did to my big toe's nail last week (ouch)... so if you want to move me down on the list for a while I will certainly understand.

  2. I'd settle for moving down the list....he's deleted me altoghther! *sob

  3. Oh Ken! I don't drop people off my list unless they haven't blogged for a long, long time! I take dropping people off my list very seriously as it can be fairly horrid to be dropped just to make room. Your two links are safe.

    My beloved Jim's on the other hand...

  4. Anonymous7:10 pm

    I do like the mix with some political commentaries and opinions now and then. Keeps me up to date on what's keeping people's minds busy on the other side of the channel.

    But I guess I now have to keep up with TWO of your blogs... thanks... ;)

  5. The problem was that I wanted to post more politics than I thought I could fit into come back to what you know... It would of got dull! :D

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