Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Last Days Of Sam America

Friday was Sam America's last day at work so after a leaving lunch at "The Rez" we had drinks in the office to celebrate/commiserate and lots of people got rather drunk. I foolishly gave my mobile number to a colleague who phoned me no less than 6 times that night and has now phoned me over 10 times. AH! I hate people phoning me!

I came up with a great idea for work over drinks which I'll develop over the week (involves youtube, yeah when I get obsessed I really get obsessed) and I've just come up with another idea... too many ideas!

I'm so glad that Friday was pay day, money was in short supply this last week! This month I really must save as I'm heading to France on the 30th for a weeks break from work, life and the internet. Yes guys, I will not be blogging on holiday. Sorry! :)

Yesterday I headed out for Sam America's second leaving do (this is the girl who had four birthdays!). It was at the Porterhouse in Covent Garden. It's the second time I've been there but it never fails to astound me at how complicated that place is. It reminds me of that scene in the Labyrinth where David Bowie is singing Within You.

It was bloody hot in there but after a couple of pints of lager and a drinking game (the rules: no saying the word "you", no drinking with your writing hand, no pointing, no using first names). As more people arrived they found Tim, Sam, someone whose name I forgot and myself sitting around talking posh "One really must go there" "One just used ones writing hand". Ah.... drinking games.

There was a band on and it was awesome... nineties rock (Blink 182) and some current stuff. GREAT.

Sadly the bar situation was awful, I can't count the amount of people who tried to push in front of me. Note to everyone: I'm way bigger than you, so don't try to push in between me and beer.

If anyone ever asks me I can say "I was out on the last night of smoking in the UK".

Tim gave me a $5 dollar Aussie note. It's made of plastic... how cool is that???


  1. People tend to push in front of me at concerts, et cetera, too. I think it's because we look friendly and non-threatening. Maybe if we shaved our heads and I started pumping iron...? After practicing our snarls in the mirror, of course!

    An as an aside, my London geography's not that great, but you weren't anywhere near those car bombs, were you? *Is concerned.*

  2. Well... if I hadn't been so poor last week I would of been at wings night at the American sports cafe on Haymarket on Thursday... directly opposite the site of the first discovered car.

    Don't be concerned, it's only terrorists!

  3. Ha, ha. Not funny. : P

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