Sunday, July 01, 2007

Last Of The Time Lords: Doctor Who 3.13

Ok... this episode was really, really good AND really, really awful. I'm not going to pretend that this even came close to satisfying my fanboy dreams after last weeks episode. It was a disappointed. But it was redeemed by certain scenes and the feeling of a nice, neat tidy up of the whole season.

The episode opens a year after the Master and his Toclafane took control of Earth. We are quickly informed by Martha that in 24 hours time the Master will unleash war machines which shall spread out across the Galaxy and begin his conquest.

After pretending to construct a UNIT anti Time Lord weapon to get the Masters attention, Martha is taken aboard his ship where she informs him that his psychic control of the human race is about to be turned against him... she has spent the year travelling the globe spreading stories of the Doctor and an instruction... at the final stage of the launch countdown the whole human race must think one thought... DOCTOR. It overrides his controls, allowing the Doctor to return to normal and Captain Jack races to destroy the Paradox Machine which turns back time to just before the Masters take over.

After the Doctor informs the Master he is now his prisoner for ever more the Masters girlfriend kills him and he dies in a sobbing Doctors arms.

The Doctor returns Marthas family home and is about to set off with Martha when she tells him she can't do it anymore. She has had enough of loving him and not receiving anything back. She walks out the door informing him he hasn't seen the last of her!

I have prayed this week for two things and one of these was that the Toclafane would not be the humans from Utopia. The other that RTD would have the courage of his convictions not to have the Paradox Machine erase everything that had happened over the final two episodes. Darn you Mr Davies! DARN YOU! You may have well have used the sonic screwdriver yet again... this is getting very predictable. Please, next year, throw some real curve balls at us so we can't even begin to predict what is going to happen!

It was an enjoyable episode and the final scene where Martha says goodbye to the Doctor really rung true. All season I've begged for Martha to stop whining about her love for the Doctor, assuming that she was going to be a long term companion. But now I see that the whole season has been leading up to this moment and it all makes sense now!

I'll miss Martha she was a great, strong companion who really broke the mold companion wise. Rose was naive, and young. Martha was intelligent, and mature. God bless her.

Now I just can't wait for Voyage of the Damned this Christmas... was that a life belt with the Titanic written on it???

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  1. I was hoping that RTD was going to do something different. It's what I hated about the "new" Batman movies. Bring back an old villain and kill them. It would have been much better if the Master had escaped. If the Master would never take his own life, how do they justify that he would let himself die. The Master would have picked being a prisoner with the chance to escape at a later date over letting himself die. I would have liked to see the Master as a new recurring role. Oh well, I want to be younger, thinner, and have a partner - no chance of those either!

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