Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Day In The Life Of Jae

Jae awoke that morning at half past five. He stretched out and grabbed his mobile. Thank the Lord, he thought, half an hour until he needed to get out of bed.

He dozed the half away and far too quickly his alarm went off. He fell out of bed and into the front room. With BBC Breakfast in the background he logged on to the internet from his laptop, carefully (cough) balanced on the arm of the sofa.

Bugger, he mentally exclaimed, the service is down. Annoyed at not getting his fix he went to the kitchen and made himself some breakfast... Weetabix. Mmm... After that he had a wash, brushed his teeth and ironed his shirt. After a few minutes of catching up on the news it was 10 to 7 and time to head to the station.

Greenwich station isn't too far away from his flat so he made it there in good time for the 07:04 to Charing Cross. He bought his ticket from the machine and assumed his position on the station.

The train arrived and Jae was pleased to note that one of the seats near the door was free and settled in for the journey listening to Feast of Fools on his iPod. The journey was uneventful, although Jae did wonder whatever happened to that cute gay guy who used to catch the train with him.

London Charing Cross. Ah... Jae's home from home. So many adventures began here. Nowadays... it's where he begins his walk into work. Dodging some free newspaper people he descended the stairs at the side of the station and wandered down Villiers street (named for a lover of Queen James), under the railway bridge and up and across one of the Jubilee Bridges.

His walk took him along the river Thames past the London Eye, County Hall (topped with Stormtroopers.. scary...), the Houses of Parliament and then into Vauxhall.

He got to work to find the shutter on the door down and two people from the fourth floor huddled outside saying it didn't work. Using his magic key code he soon had it up and preceded to regret his decision when he had to share the lift with the two of them smelling of smoke.

Work was uneventful and Jae really wasn't able to speak about it anyway. Home time couldn't come too soon and Jae barely made it to lunch with JP as it was. When home time did arrive Jae dashed to Vauxhall train station and caught the 17:10 to Waterloo. From there he wandered to Waterloo East trying to avoid the immensely slow people and was disgusted to find upon arrival the train to Greenwich had been cancelled.

Jae proceeded to Southwark tube station and caught the tube to Canary Wharf and then changed to the DLR with some immensely smelly people. Sheesh.. he thought he smelt bad, these people took it to a new level!

He got home and was about to settle in when Jim phoned from Deptford where his train had been evacuated due to fire. Jim invited Jae to the Local for dinner, and Jae happily accepted.

Just another day in the life of Jae


  1. Anonymous11:00 pm

    Well, that has been quite a day for Jae. That part of the internet service being down was very scary!

    I'll just wait to read about his next day.

  2. Have a lovely time in France. How I would love a bite of pain au chocolate or perhaps a tiny brioche with some Hero Raspberry Preserves with my breakfast coffee.

    All the details when you get back, you hear? The latter is very Southern U.S.!

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