Sunday, December 09, 2001


The following blog contains references to an "illness". I would like to clarify this. At around 1p.m. that Thursday I took a MASSIVE overdose of various pills in an attempted suicide attempt. It was daft I know that now but luckily the doctor didn't spot it so I managed to avoid getting into any trouble that time. I didn't stop throwing up until about half one on the Friday morning.

Dear Blog,
"Well Jason" is not how we open blogs arounds these here parts!!!!!!! I have a suspicion that ??? is not your real name.

Any way I'm back for 1 time only to up date u while I find someone to carry this thing on. Have continued to go out clubbing (I know this is my third week in a row!!!). Tuesday I went to the Event 2 (quelle surprise) it was fun. But Anna turned up (which I didn't mind much) then she started coming on to me which I did mind.... a lot. What is it with girls coming on to me. They are always doing it. It makes me want to puke (maybe thats what the problem was!!!!!).
Luckily (okay not so luckily) I fell ill on Thursday so she left me alone. When I say ill I mean dying!!!!! I was throwing up like every five minutes, oh how I laughed. Luckily the girls in my flat are lovely and really looked after me (thanks Gabs and Sarah H) and phoned the doctor.
He diagnosed me with gastric flu (wrongly) and gave me an injection. An cruel evil injection in the arse. He never told me about that part when he said "Do u want me to give u an injection to stop the nausea?". In the arm yes in the
In other news Mark and Sarah H are an item. They make a lovely couple although I must warn them that Haagen-Daz is not a breakfast food (they had "breakfast" in bed this morning)!!!!!!!!
Zoe is away as her nan passed away. I never thought I would say this but I miss her (she is good at keeping Anna away).

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