Thursday, December 20, 2001

Dear Blog,
Ok so 1 time only was not what I meant. I'm back again.
I "home" at the moment. Doesn't feel like much of a home. I don't have a bedroom, I lost my bank card (more of which later) and for the second year in a row Jason "the spirit of xmas" Kay doesn't feel Christmassy. When I got home on Friday I was really excited to see my cats, my family and my friends. I quickly realised that everything I remembered about this place was in fact wishful thinking.
Folkestone is a hell hole. No shops, crap bars and clubs and the people here are not as nice as those back in Brighton (this means people I meet on the streets not my mates who read too much into this blog). My mates are as always warm and funny. But they (a "select" group known as the "World" do anyway [yet more clarification on request]) bitch about each other constantly. Why? Because there is nothing else to do.
I went back to Brighton on the train on Saturday (i.e. the day after I left). Supposedly this was to get some bags I had left behind. Really it was to get me out of this place for a while. Some where on this 8 hour round trip I lost my card and my passport meaning I am stuck in this shithole without any money to leave. My parents laughed when I asked for a £50 week long loan until my new cards arrive tommorrow when I would pay them back. ITS NOT LIKE THEY HAVE GIVEN ME ANY MONEY WHILE I WAS AT UNI!!!!!!
So I hope my block mates are having a very merry Christmas and will have a very happy new year. I shall try to have as pleasant a festive period as possible. I am going back to 33c tommorrow for a party with Lauren and possibly Dave from 33b. Can't wait.
Oh and Anna sorry to upset you but I am just writing as I saw the events and I would have said these things to your face but if u didn't notice I did not see you between writing that Blog and the bitchy letter you posted under my door (by all means be bitchy but why not try doing as you want me to do and say those things to my face). I noticed you wouldn't open your door to me to allow me to be discuss these things and I felt the Christmas party was neither the time or the place to be nasty to you. That is my defense over to you.

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