Thursday, February 17, 2011

Inappropriate Touching

There's a title that's sure to get your attention. Today I went for my irregular shearing. Unfortunately the barbers I had been going to, directly opposite my house, closed down, which meant I had to try somewhere knew and deal with all the annoying little things that come with that.

You have to have a relationship with your barber. It's not something I'm at all keen on. There always comes the embarrassing moment when he realises you know nothing about football/cars/girls and you are thus completely immune to his usual set of conversation openers.

So it was today, I sat there as some man with sharp implements hovers around your head in complete silence. It's very unnerving. Thankfully he was a bit of a looker so I didn't mind the silence all that much and at the end I thought he may have crossed the line into inappropriate touching when he gave me a head massage. At least he seems willing to work on his relationships...

Today was Diet Chef day number 1!!!

The Pink Apple and Cinnamon granola breakfast was small but perfectly formed. Quite delicious really.

Lunch was Thai Chicken soup which was equally yummy.

Dinner was Pasta Bolognese which again was surprisingly pleasant.

Snacks: Carmelised Onion Oat Bites and a pack of McCoys Crisps (naughty I know, but they had to be eaten).

A total of 947 calories. Not bad!

Currently planning a one week holiday to Berlin for September. We're getting quite excited already and hopefully finances shall allow us to have quite an awesome time. In celebration today's Past Jae adventure is my "Wo ist mein Werwolf? Part One" post detailing the first part of our last Berlin Adventure.

If you feel benevolent and particularly generous, this writer always appreciates things bought for him from his wishlist

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