Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jae Gets A Job

Obviously, Dear Constant Reader, you are my good luck charm! I've finally got myself a job offer after yesterday's adventures in Dover.

I got a phone call from the employment agency who contacted me about it originally and they were very circumspect, asking me if I thought I'd like to work for the company etc. I confirmed I would, at which point they said they'd offered me the job but "were concerned I might not want it". Mum had warned me that people might not be offering me jobs because they were worried I was "overqualified" but I hadn't really believed her. Now I do, and I'm just grateful they offered me the job despite thinking I might not want it!

Currently it looks like I'll be starting on Monday, I'm just waiting for a confirmation in the post. Good times! And not a minute too soon, as my bank account has been bled dry.

Now if I can start to sort my finances out I'm one step closer to another plan I've hatched during my blog silence... starting an Open University course!

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  1. Speaking as an OU tutor, I can't think of a better plan :-)

  2. Well done mate. Excellent news. I bet you REALLY miss the walk/tube/walk commute to work already!