Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Friday. In celebration of getting a job, and in commiseration that the kids are on Jim and I went drinking around Chambers and Skuba followed by a lovely meal in the Portofino restaurant on Sandgate Road. Delicious!

Saturday, we made a random visit to my Nan up in Snodland followed by an afternoon drive by of my Mum's place in Stanford.

Sunday, we headed to Mum's again to meet... Nan... again. Plus Uncle Graham and his girlfriend Rebecca (pregnant with yet another cousin of mine). Was nice to see everyone, although slightly ruined by my 14 year old sister phoning constantly to shout at my Mum. Eventually I took the phone and after finishing the phone call was physically shaking with anger. She shall be getting a sound speaking to when I see her next. Honestly, I don't give a shit about what's going on between her parents. She needs to start treating them BOTH with respect (rather than just one) or she'll have this big brother making her life an absolute misery. For her own good.

Monday. First day of work, involving finding out Ben lookalike didn't get a job and discovering I had to wear painful safety shoes. Followed by a trip to Sandgate in the evening for "Liberal Drinks" in the Providence Inn. Lovely.

Tuesday. Health and safety. Found out, too late, I didn't have to wear painful safety shoes as long as I always had them with me. The blistery damage was done. Also had a security briefing, a tour of the port, and a return trip to France.

Wednesday. Ouch. My feet! The two mile journey each way is HORRIBLE with blisters! But after just a day and a half of training (yesterday didn't count) they let me start taking calls! Hurrah.

Now I sit here in the living room hoping my feet stop hurting soon.

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