Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Being A Jobless Bum

So since the beginning of May I have been without paid employment. The first month was spent on moving stuff. June was spent looking for a job, interviewing, etc. I did get a couple of job offers but had the luxury of turning them down. Jim has been great in backing me up on those decisions as he wants me to have a job that doesn't depress me.

See, part of the reason I gave up blogging on here was because of how I was feeling at my last job. I was stressed out and depressed. I'm not going to go into the reasons why as they are too numerous to discuss. I stopped having a social life, lost contact with friends and just spent a lot of time feeling sorry for myself (your lack of shock, Dear Constant Reader, is hardly a surprise!). So needless to say, I'm being picky about what jobs I accept, if not what jobs I apply for.

In the meantime I have absolutely no money and rely on Jim for all my needs. He has been very good about it (mainly because he's awesome but also because we knew it was a risk giving up my job in London to look for one down here) but it's obviously not an ideal situation and right now I just want to get myself a job so I can settle into life here in Folkestone again and start pulling my own weight.

Fingers crossed I get one soon so we can have the age old, new job phase of blogging which, I think, is generally the most interesting stuff you'll find on here. The crush on some cute guy, the new friends and new adventures are always worthy of comment! :)

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