Saturday, March 13, 2010

What A Week

Monday: Went out for a meal with Jim, Denis, Nail, H, Graham and Hillary at our usual dining destination; Needoo Grill in Whitechapel. Saw Nettie's friend there which shows the success of our spreading the word about this delicious destination. Had a good evening rounded off at the local.

Thursday: Went to the bank to check my statement. After waiting 5 minutes at the Account Manager machine, I got on it, entered my details and pressed print statement button. At which point a Russian lady came up to me and said "Are you going to take all day?". I'm not one for making a scene but that... that INFURIATED ME. You know how obsessed I am about people being quick and efficient in public places, and I was being so... I hadn't been on the machine more than a 30 seconds. So I told her off for being rude and she denied she was.

As I walked away she said "I'm sorry if I upset you". Which is when I went a little overboard, shouting at her about how it was rude people like her dragging this country down, how stupid she was etc. etc. Public embarrassment but I took satisfaction in the fact she looked quite thoroughly terrified of this giant gay man on a rampage. I may regret being a bastard but sometimes these people need to be told.

Mainly what annoyed me was her inconsistency. I hate people who apologise straight after doing something. If you are going to be sorry about it in five seconds time, why do it in the first place? Of course I understand being sorry for something that happened some time before, when you've had a chance to reflect properly. But otherwise it just makes me EVEN ANGRIER. If you are going to insult me, at least have the balls to stand by your statement.

Friday: Went out to the Ram after work, just like last week except with lots more people. There were tales of nervous from university, drunken managers, very close fights, accusations of homosexuality against "straight" colleagues. It was, in other words, bloody brilliant. But I have suffered for it today, and am finally just getting over hangover whilst watching Melodifestivalen 2010!

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