Sunday, April 05, 2009

Mecca Mosques "Wrongly Aligned"

It's this sort of story that really highlights the stupidity of the religious. I don't have a problem with others believing what they believe but honestly guys... can't you see it goes too far when people start suggesting using laser beams in order to be certain of aligning your mosque correctly to Mecca???

Why is no one scared by this? And why is no one worried by the new religious tones of the United Nations Human Rights Council?

It sort of puts the whole Cat Religion on Red Dwarf into perspective:

"Most of the cats on Red Dwarf died in Holy Wars fought between the two factions -- those who thought the hats should be red and those who thought the hats should be blue."

No matter how much of a good laugh the Red Dwarf jokes are, it's sobering to think people actually think like that IN THE REAL WORLD!.

Well not about the hats.

We all know they should have been blue.

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