Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Do Fantasists Dream Of Apocalyptic Sheep?

As I'm sure you, Dear Constant Reader, are more than aware I have a Stephen King fetish obsession. One of his most well known books is The Stand, which just happens to be one of my favourite books of all time. I'm blaming this for my current state of excitement anxiety over the latest flu hoopla.

My over excited mind already has the entire train of infection leading directly from Mexico City here to my place of work. I can see the imaginary journeys and interactions leading to the ultimate collapse of civilisation pretty clearly in my head, possibly all due to a badly trained police man trying to warn his out of town relatives on the outskirts of Mexico City. Darn him. Yes, I have read The Stand far too many times.

I foolishly ventured into Boots chemists in Hammersmiths at lunch and found myself surrounded by coughing/sneezing sick people. This did not help my overheated imagination.

This is exactly how I was during the SARS outbreak sitting someone between excited, anxious and not bothered. Yes I do understand how excited sounds pretty grotesque given the personal tragedies involved. I'm not encouraging it, just being honest!

So I've contented myself with trying to believe that the swine flu is a mild, soon to be forgotten incident somewhat less than even the SARS outbreak and that I've nothing to be excited/worried about. Oh... except for the stupid internet folks I spoke of yesterday on my other blog. I'm extremely worried about these people and hope that if anyone else must contract swine flu it is those who believe that the name "swine flu" is offensive to their religions. That is something I'd describe as criminally stupid.

P.S. Saw TubeBoy today, and he was looking particularly awesome (i.e. his hair's grown out again after a gruesome marine style cut). Did well not to follow him. That way madness lies.

P.P.S Left "The End of Faith" on the self service checkout at Tesco's. :(
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  1. We need photographic proof of TubeBoy!

    And... would you ever move out of London, back to the Kent countryside?

  2. 1. TubeBoy shall forever remain photoless and nameless for otherwise he'll stop being interesting. The best crushes are the ones with the least amount of knowledge of the "victim" allowing my imagination to run wild. :D

    Plus I want to keep his beauty to myself... I'm not trying to make you even more desperate for pictures but we are talking angelic in terms beauty.

    2) In a heart beat. Before I moved to London, the city was interesting, exciting and exotic and I visited constantly and explored as much as I could. Since I moved here it's gradually become a living hell, it stinks (literally!), and is too crowded. Kent's no eden, but it's a million times better than most other places I've visited in this country.