Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Tube

I always said I'd never get a job where I had to get the Tube to the office. But despite my reservations the District line isn't bad, I can a seat on the way home everytime and often get one on the way to work too. And I sit down, something I don't do on trains out of respect for others, but District line trains have fab individual seats in each carriage meaning I don't inconvenience anyone else with my big legs when I'm sat down.

But you don't half get some weirdos on the tube. A man got on the District line at South Kensington today and stood himself awkwardly between me and another man. He looked up briefly and he had the strangest eyes, they reminded me of a big cat's eyes (black slits on bright yellow, I'm talking weird!) He looked back towards the door and held his face against it. He held on to the door when the train moved off, like he was a adrift at sea and that door was the only thing keeping him afloat. At Gloucester Road he swung off the train (literally swung, keeping one hand on the door even with it open) to let people off before swinging back into place just before the door shut. He repeated this at every station, eliciting more than a few odd looks from everyone else in our part of the carriage, before he swung off ahead of me at Hammersmith and wandered UP the platform beyond the stairs... to nowhere. The platforms ends not far beyond that point...

Just another day on the Tube...

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