Saturday, November 15, 2008

Evolution Of A Wish List

My Wish List has been around almost since the beginning of this blog. Over time it's changed almost as much as this blog has as you, Dear Constant Reader, have purchased things for me or I've come into money (for which read "got new credit card") and I've added more and more things to it.

The first few items on there are the remnants of my wish list from design. I once set out and spent time on Amazon finding the things I really wanted. So there's the Six Feet Under Box Set or the only Sue Townsend book I don't own; Adrian Mole: The Wilderness Years. Then the obsessions took over.

Sharks. I love sharks. And wow, I added quite a few shark related books and videos! Then I moved off into more random waters and added a few "evolution of the future" books and DVDs like the awesome (and desperately wanted) The Future Is Wild

Then it returns to a more natural progression as tidbits are added as and when I came across them; The Husband by Dean R Koontz through to In Me Own Words: The Autobiography of Bigfoot (thanks to Arwen for that suggestion). All sorts of random stuff was added at that point... then the obsessions took back over with avengence.

My unemployed bumhood of a couple of months ago spawned a return to my comic obsession.... and boy does it show on my Amazon wishlist. To be honest I could trim a few off but then again I do want every single one so I think I'll just leave them there. But I love in the middle of these graphic novels up pops Another Gay Sequel - Gays Gone Wild [2008]. Random is as random does!

And finally one more natural progression... from comic books to just general nostalgia. These last things aren't going to make any one's list of top quality books or movies (except Where the Wild Things are, if you don't like this book then you have no soul!!!!!!) but they have an incredible amount of nostalgic importance to me.

Pinocchio And The Emperor Of The Night; has few redeeming features. The animation is crude, the sound quality horrible, and the plot insane. But it was also one of my most treasured movies as a child even if it's way too scary for anyone under 11 to be allowed to see.

The Animals of Farthing Wood; sure maybe it's well below my reading age but I love anthropomorphic animals.

Do I really need to explain Return To Oz [1985]?

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