Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Queens Speech

It's my blogs sixth birthday in a week and continuing on a theme started last year I feel it's time to take stock of what's gone on here at come back to what you know.

So since the last Queens Speech I've been a London Lite blog of the day, received my fair share of Brent Corrigan and Charles Dera related hits, and discovered that the new Blogger picture uploading process means I've fallen out of the Google Image search results causing my hits to plumet from last Augusts extreme high. I foolishly added adverts for a while but decided that that was just lowering myself to the level of the newbie bloggers and have now removed 'em.

I have, however, discovered I have more Dear Constant Readers than I had ever imagined and I greatly appreciate you all! I cannot believe that 200 people come here pretty much weekly at least to read my posts. That's roughly, using a quick calculation, 200 lurkers! ;)

Thanks go to those of you who regularly leave me comments, you don't know how much you make me smile when I see an email telling me you've left a message. Merci Beaucoup!

Finally, I've changed my template as some of my archive pages were getting out of date and I'd rather the template remained consistent across the whole blog. Hope you don't mind.


  1. Can't remember if I have commented here before or not, but know you've got a link to my blog The Coterie of Zombies here - so consider me delurking if I haven't managed to do so already!

    Damn you with your lots of hits! Apparently I'm going to be in the local paper next week - I'm not sure if that will result in an increase in website hits or will get me lynched.

  2. Glad to have you with me! The local paper? I always think getting into the local paper is way cooler, as at least people you actually know are more likely to see it!

  3. Congrats on 6 years. That's amazing.

  4. happy blog birthday! Six years?? that's gotta be, like, 67 in people years at least :)

  5. Hey you got a message...and it's from your favorite Dutch reader... ;)

    Congratulations with the six years! Blog on!

  6. If the average life time of a blog is about 6 months I'd say it's at least 240 human years! :)

    Thanks Guys!

    Favourite Dutch reader? Hmm... I'll give you favourite continental European reader! :D

  7. You probably have a great many more than 200 lurkers. Someone - I forget whom - discovered that the number of readers they had via rss feeds was far greater than ever registered in their site stats! Of course, we have no way of knowing the proportion of people who actively monitor their rss feeds.

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