Thursday, August 23, 2007

Please Accept My Apologies

Normal Service Will Resume Some Time. Sadly with no laptop any longer at home I am forced to post from work where I am usually not in a blogging mood (imagine constantly being interrupted by small children with silly questions while blogging... it's near impossible to feel the urge...) Anyhew... where was I...


After breakfast with the crazy lady we headed to our rooms for a final check for any unpacked items and while I tidyed up there was a knock at my door. I opened it to find the B + B lady standing there with a French couple I'd spotted at breakfast. She wanted to show them around the room. I made my escape and squeezed past them as they gave me a look that said "Please Help Us".

Afterwards I returned to my room to find her still there "Could I borrow your muscles, please?" That was how I found myself transferring beans from her car to her shed... God... When I had finished she gave me a huge pack of biscuits as payment so not all bad I suppose!

We paid up (I got a discount, wooo...) and headed off on the Longest Drive In The World. However we did stop off at Plymouth at the National Aquarium which was a bit of a disappointment after Oceanopolis. However... in the deepest tank in Europe (also the least diverse and least interesting ever) they did have four Sand Tiger Sharks one of who was nearly 3 metres long. As I've never seen a shark that big I was very impressed and spent long minutes viewing them from every angle. What beautiful things they are. Inspired me to buy Shark! by Peter Benchley, a very interesting book indeed. I love sharks.

So after the Longest Drive In The World, I had to wait an hour at Ashford for a train then do the usual hour and a half journey home. I was, needless to say, tired and moody and very grumpy. Then my laptop didn't work and I was extremely moody indeed!

Monday: went down the Local.
Tuesday: went down the Local, came 5th out of 8 in the quiz. Wooo... way better than last time.
Wednesday: quiet night in... at last. Fell asleep by 9.

Hopefully (cross your fingers) a new laptop will be with me Saturday morning. This may mean I am very poor forever more but... hey we can't have everything...

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