Monday, August 20, 2007

Cornwall and The First Wedding

Sooooo... it's been a very long weekend. After rushing around town on Thursday lunch time buying wedding gifts and clothes, I finished work late and then rushed back to the flat. I had dinner (goats cheese salad, Jim's current obsession... yum) and then got packed before catching a late train to Westenhanger station.

I walked through the dark country lanes to Lympne, pondering how I managed to do this almost every winter night for two years without screaming in fear, before finally reaching the safety of home. How did I know I was home? Because my baby Angel cat came running out of my parents estate meowing her head off and was very pleased to see me. I'm glad she still remembers me.

After chatting with my brother and sister for an hour I made it to bed about 11.30pm.

On Friday I awoke at 5.30 a.m (sob) and got washed and dressed before Zoe and Lee arrived to pick me up. We headed off to Cornwall on the route I showed you and we made good time. We had to stop quite a bit for me legs but only took us about 6 hours to get to Truro. We found the B + B fairly easily too, called the Bay Tree.

The owner was a mad lady who spoke very, very fast but she was nice so we didn't worry too much. After stowing our luggage and getting a bit of a rest we headed into town to explore.

Truro was chav central and very busy even on a Friday. Most of the stores were closing down and it had the feel of a bit of a down on it's luck sort of place. We did some last minute shopping (wrapping paper etc) and popped into the Royal Cornish Museum which looked good from the outside but was a bit bland with relatively little items of interest. They had tried to put Cornish history into some sort of order but it wasn't very engaging.

We headed back to the B and B and got changed and headed to the local Spoons, Try Dowr, for some drinks with the old Folkestone crew (Chris, Claire, Elliot, Arron, Rob and a random encounter with Tim who isn't part of the old crew but hey...). After that we popped over to a good pub called the Old Ale House to meet up with a bunch of other wedding peoples.

Had a good night and slept well.

The next day was the day of the wedding! AH! Woke up and went and got breakfast from the crazy lady. It was a huge breakfast with gorgeous fried bread. I ate it all. I was innocently sitting with my empty plate when she comes over, screams and runs off.

What have I done?, I thought... well turns out she'd just gone to get me a lolly because I'd finished. INSANE! Spent morning lounging around reading, helping crazy lady move furniture and pretending to iron my shirt.

We met everyone at the Old Ale House again before walking through Truro to Epiphany House where the reception was. There was a bouncy castle... we knew when we saw that that we had arrived at John and Vixies Wedding.

It was a lovely day, nice food, Elliots mum, with a tear inducing speech from John, a group hug among the Harvey boys and some Eurovision music. Pictures will follow soon as I get a new laptop.

After the reception twas back to the B + B.

I'll do the rest tomorrow as I can't be arsed and I really should be working... Not having a laptop is most annoying...


  1. At the Bay Tree in Truro was your room the one with the pinkish walls or the blue room with lots and lots of framed pictures all over?

    Speaking for all your CRs, we would love to hear more details of the crazy lady of the B + B. Please.

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