Saturday, February 10, 2007

Jae Gets Lost

Ah London is a brilliant city. Last night work drinks were held in the Royal Oak in Vauxhall. Sam America chose it as she said it was "quaint". Hmm... this is not the kinda pub for a work night out. It was a smokey, old men's pub. Spit and sawdust to boot. Good if you with one or two blokey mates and you want a drink. Bad when your with 20 people half of whom are loud travellers. The old men stared at us all evening. All the Brits quickly left, leaving me with the Americans and Sarina. Never again Sam. Never again.

Today I got up early and rushed into town to High and Mighty on Edgware Road. The Central Line was PACKED at 9am on a Saturday. Weird. Why do I always feel compelled to use the stairs at tube stations? I left Marble Arch a little out of breath... Rushed into and out of High and Mighty with a new shirt and coat and without a lot of money. Then I headed, via tube, to Forbidden Planet. It was closed. Reluctant to retrace my steps I headed down a side street calculating it'd lead me back to Charing Cross Road. That's when I got lost.

I've been wandering in the Charing Cross area since I was about 16. I feel like I know pretty much every nook and cranny. It's nice to know I was wrong. I wandered among weird shops "New Age Music Here" and huge flags (how big a French flag does a small shop need???). I found a little round about that was quite pretty, I discovered an entire street of large stores and was that Channel Fives HQ?? Who knows... I kept wandering until I came to Covent Garden tube station... quite a bit off course! Oh well... nice to know London always has a surprise up it's sleeve. Headed home, got a haircut on the way and now here I am.

My God it's cold today!

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