Monday, February 26, 2007


My companies name sounds a bit like Eurovision (if you're a little silly). JP called a customer today and announced where he was calling from and they were like "You're calling from Eurovision???"

No dear. No. But I think that gives me a good excuse to showcase another 2007 Eurovision song hailing from Cyprus.

Comme Ci, Comme Ca by Evridiki

Very good. Yoinked from Raptus Regaliter has been removed. I believe in freedom of speech except where it threatens violence or murder. The last article posted (which is now unavailable obviously) contained images of a gay man leaving a pharmacy protected from a jeering crowd by reluctant police (with a glooting title).

(Me say) Boom bye bye

Happy Birthday 2000AD - The Zarjaz-iest Comic In The Cosmos! Judge Dredd is awesome (read Necropolis and tell me it's not true) and The Ballad of Halo Jones is in my top ten best things ever.

Note to self: collect 2000AD collection from parental units.


  1. Jae--Keep up the posting of the EuroVision Contest. Only wish I could see and hear more from the states :-(

    I'm a long time follower & would love to chat with you sometime. Grew up, schooled and worked in the UK before being forced to return west. Believe me I'd rather be back in the Queen's country. Alas, work permits aren't easy :-(

  2. I agree that we in the States should get a chance to see the Eurovision Song Contest every year. About fifteen years ago it was broadcast here on the PBS Network and we loved it.

    Why can't BBC-America show it? Instead of yet another marathon of "What not to Wear." On a recent Saturday they showed 20 episodes of WN2W back to back. Isn't there a Geneva Convention to outlaw this sort of abuse?

  3. What Not To Wear?? When you could be watching Doctor Who or Eurovision??? Disgusting! BBC America shame on you!

    Eurovision will be shown on the web...

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