Sunday, February 25, 2007

Dear Constant Reader

Well what do you know! There I was using Google Analytics for very narcissistic reasons and I discovered something interesting; since the start of February over 200 people have visited this site more than 15 times, the majority of whom came over 25 times! (today being the 25th...) So Dear Constant Reader why not drop me a comment to say hi? Come out of the closet as a come back to what you know reader!

Yesterday the kids came round and we all went to Wagamama's at Canary Wharf. Yummy. They've just left a few minutes ago. It's been a long time since they visited, was actually nice to see them.

Yesterday was also the day I choose to recognise as my coming out day. And to celebrate I upped the ante in stalking stakes. Yay! I've still got it... :) Trust me... you don't want to know!

David Cameron has come out as a Tory Social Engineer. I cannot believe that he thinks absent fathers are to blame for gun crime. I had a very absent father but I don't go around shooting people. So maybe the true cause is bad parenting, bad education and BAD KIDS. All this blaming others makes me sick sometimes. And he wants to give MARRIAGES tax breaks to encourage fathers to stay...

1) is a Father who chooses to stay in a marriage to get a tax break really the kind of man we want bringing up children?

2) will it actually work?

3) keeping marriages together shouldn't be up to anyone other than those involved. Whether we like it or not.

Tories: hands off our families!

I love Jensen and Jared...

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  1. Anonymous5:26 pm

    Well, I'm one of your Constant - But Just Recently Started - Readers. So hi!

  2. hi :P

    I've delurked before, but I suppose that it was a while ago ...

  3. And I'm still here making up the figures :o)

  4. Anonymous2:49 pm

    Hi Jae
    I am another of the constants. I have a list of blogs which I read almost every day. I like following the life of my selected bloggers, and I write one myself, but in Danish.

  5. At least on here you can be pretty sure the lurkers don't know where you live.

    As for the commentor known as "anonymous"'s better than no comment at all, I guess.

  6. Oh Zoe, the hardcore Constant Reader! She's been reading since forever. Love ya x

    Hi again Jenn!

    Hi Steve and Per... glad to see some European faces around here *hushed whisper* too many North Americans about... ;p

    And James and Ken... don't know where I live... hmm... well James is seems to spend half his time a stones throw from my house and Ken, you seem to know this area scarily well. Are you sure your in the states??? ;)

  7. Oh Jay, my Kentish lad, I am just a simple Yank and have never even set foot in Lympne.

    Here's lurking at you!!!

  8. I was compimented on you being one of the very select few to have blogrolled me. An obvious mistake, soon rectified. Lol. Keep it up, the blog that is. [Finishes crap joke and disappears into obscurity once again.}

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