Monday, February 19, 2007

It's A Conspiracy

Let me just come out and say it; I don't like President Bush and I find his administration and what it is doing to be abhorrent to all things decent. But: This whole 9/11 "Truth" thing has gone a little too far. I watched Loose Change a while back just like every other geek out there. It was very interesting and well produced. It asked some intriguing questions. But ultimately I found it quite perplexing. Why? Because it seemed to suggest that there was some Government conspiracy (be it American or Israeli) behind the attacks. Now, with all the goodwill in the world, I really don't think the American Government is competent enough to arrange this kind of thing and ensure there were so few witness'.

Have any of you met another human being before? They tend to be quite unpredictable, rather irritating and the vast majority wouldn't be able to keep a secret that big for long. This is where most conspiracy theories fall down... humans are not just fallible, they are bloody irritatingly flawed all round.

And the way conspiracy theorists go about their arguments seem to be suggestive of an unstable personality (if thinking the CIA and FBI were competent isn't a dead giveaway...). Any opposing argument is either part of the conspiracy or they just ignore it quoting from some obscure Arabic newspaper to back up their version of events (AS IF JOURNALISTS COULD BE TRUSTED!). And just read this Digg thread. Crazy. They seem to think that the BBC is partly run by the Government... Bless them...

Our Government can barely come up with a working transport policy let alone manipulate the BBC. I really have to agree with last nights Conspiracy Files; I think people are just too scared to face the possibility that 3000 people could be murdered right in front of them by just 19 men armed with small little knives. It sure is a scary prospect, but that's the real world... people are scary... And that's why I believe that our Government and the American Governments silly, Fascistesqe anti terrorism policies are doomed to fail... you can never stop the random act of violence.

9/11: What Really Happened.

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