Sunday, September 04, 2011

Oooo... Another New Blogger Layout

Hmm... Blogger has gone and got a new interface. As I've been on Blogger for OVER 10 years (which makes me want to cry a little), I'm pretty used to such changes and whilst there is plenty of nashing of teeth out on Twitter and other places I suspect I'll get used to this latest instalment in Bloggers ever changing layout.

 So both Jim's son Ian and my brother George have stayed over during the last week. Jim, Ian and I went to see Cowboys and Aliens last weekend. Whilst Daniel Craig in a cowboy outfit is more than a little distracting, it was otherwise a fairly mediocre movie. Frankie and Benny's was similarly dismal, with only the scary black eyes of the waiter being notable. We also went to Canterbury which was cool as I've not been there for years. There are so many new buildings, Whatever Comics has moved and Bar 11 has closed down (AH!). But Wagamama's, a place I've never been impressed with before, scored big on the lunch front with an awesome Chicken Katsu curry.

 This week I've been "training" at work, which basically means I've been doing all the things I used to do before. For once it was a one-on-one refresher rather than a complete training module meaning I think they are finally realising I'm not a "new starter" but a "returnee" who needs a minimal update on changes to processes rather than two week modules rehashing things I already know. Good stuff!

In other news: rediscovering two past loves: Stephen King and comics. And since I last had those obsessions they've actually sort of merged. Hmm... must read "N" as it did cost me £18.99! Damn nostalgia at Whatever Comics overcame my need to save money...

If you feel benevolent and particularly generous, this writer always appreciates things bought for him from his wishlist


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