Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Return Of Comic Book Jae

Damn it. DC's New 52 has done two things to me. The first is hardly surprising: it's reinvigorated my usual underlying obsession with all things comic books. But the second thing is surprising: it's had me reading DC books. I've been a Marvel boy ever since I first got into American comics, almost exclusive X-titles. I own the graphic novels of The Killing Joke and 52 but those have been my only flirtations with anything DC. I've read more IDW and Dark Horse stuff than DC... 

But times are a-changing. Action Comics #1 was good, Stormwatch #1 was interesting, Superboy #1 was EXCELLENT and Justice League #1 was entertaining. I liked them so much that I dragged out the Dark Knight Returns from under the coffee table where it's sat for months since I bought it at a boot fair and devoured it too. 

Plus with .CBR reading apps and Comixology on my mobile, I don't even need to irritate Jim with unnecessary comics lying around the house. Everybody's happy!

In other geeky news: I read Stephen King's new short story Mile 81 today. Absolutely amazing. I really felt for the characters. I was reading it in my lunch break at work and had to suppress the urge to scream out loud "Don't go near the car!!" at some points. It's up there with another short story of his I love; The Mist. But there-in lies the reason I'm not a fan of short stories... I desperately wanted more! Frustrating, but in a good way!

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  1. i think that you are a graceful and wonderful writer,may god bless you.