Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Friend Comes To Call

Last weekend Arwen came to visit. Which was awesome! She is in the UK for a few weeks and decided to make Folkestone her first port of call (who wouldn't? ;) ). Thankfully Folkestone was on it's best behaviour with Triennial stuff to see and do (it ends this weekend so get your bum down here to see it now!). We spent a day just wandering round visiting some of the installations. Some I was lukewarm on ("Lighthouse in the Sea of Time" and "Boutique Kosovo" were obviously acquired tastes) whilst others I loved. Towards The Sound of Wilderness by Cristina Iglesias was awesome. It was a small window in the midst of thick bush onto an overgrown Martello tower and moat. I can honestly say I never even knew there was a Martello tower there! Fascinating. The Country of the Blind, and Other Stories by CAMP was an excellent video installation detailing the lives of immigrants in Calais as they attempted to get to the UK. It was worth sitting through just to discover some immigrants swam out to and stowaway on ferries, an escape method I'd never even conceived of! Brave and foolish all at once. All the best things are I suppose. 

The volunteers were... enthusiastic. Some must not have seen a human being in days! 

We also went to Canterbury which was the second time I'd been there in a fortnight. Had a Wagamama's and a drink in the Bishop's Finger, visited the Cathedral too. If it wasn't for the unfortunate fact Arwen lost her camera case there we would never have gone back in for a second time and almost literally bump into the Archbishop of Canterbury! 

If you have a 3D device you can enjoy seeing him from behind in 3D!!!


 Don't say this blog isn't cutting edge... 

I honestly don't know what Arwen thought of our little town but it was lovely to see her! 

Right now I should be in Berlin but due to unforeseen circumstances I'm not. Which is said given how much I love that city but is tempered by fact I'm off work for over a week!!! Hurrah.

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