Thursday, March 24, 2011

An Olde Style Blog Post

Today begun with a quick trip to Sainsbury's where I picked up a copy of our beloved local newspaper, the Folkestone Herald. I only really buy it for three reasons: 1) to cry over the lack of decent job adverts to at least allow a nice "I'd love that job" fantasy, 2) local political news (seems we have an independent anti-cuts guy called Eric Segal stirring things up at the moment, sadly his letter reads like "more of the same" rather than the less of the same he's trying to represent. More "those parties are all the same, whereas I'm different" stuff which is getting quite old now) and 3) to allow me to distance-stalk my victims.

Today it was mostly useful for the third and final reason. There was an MT story! Good times *scribbles notes furiously*

In other news... I saw Zoe today! We went out to Googies for lunch which was... quirky. Lots of models, and badly stacked board games. But the food was decent (my Pinky and Perky burger wrap was lovely), the staff friendly and relatively attentive (more than Django's) and the clientele interestingly random. I could see myself going back there often.

It was lovely to see Zoe who was very polite in suffering through the early afternoon day time TV fest I subsequently inflicted upon her.

Today's blast from the past... is not my own post but one of Zoe's very own about a very amusing day we spent in London.

If you feel benevolent and particularly generous, this writer always appreciates things bought for him from his wishlist

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