Saturday, January 09, 2010

Snow Up And Down

This week has been fairly simple. I've spent every single day praying for snow, peering out of windows at work and home searching for even the merest hint of a flake of snow. I blame my Mum, who is the sort of person who stares out the window in June and optimistically says "Ooo... looks like snow." Whilst others have been moaning about snow and the media coverage, I've been moaning about people moaning about snow (see here) and shouting at the television "Snow isn't BAD weather!!"

For all those like me who obsess over snow check out Will it rain today? for radar pictures updated every 15 minutes.

So with my hopes raised and dashed repeatedly it's no surprise I've caught a cold and am now playing the poorly card. Sympathy please!

Mr Gibbs has spent the last two days being frustratingly restless, jumping in and out of viv and running around the living room at amazingly high speed. He seems able to traverse the room in moments without you noticing. Disconcerting when you look at a box across from you and see a little reptilian head peering round the side watching you carefully. Gotta love the Gibbs!

Now here's something to warm us up during this cold snap... .a Singaporean life guard...

Yoinked from Asian Hunks

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  1. Anonymous3:57 pm

    For us here in South Florida it has been almost traumatic...the cold is brutal...and no snow, of course. the plants are turning brown and I doubt some will survive. For the first time in five years I have lived in this house we had to turn on the heat...I didn't even know we had heat.
    love your blog...and I hope you get snow, lots of it and you can go out and play in I used to do and had so much fun while in college.

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  3. I can only imagine the trauma of the cold in Florida! I've seen some pictures of actual ice!! :D If only it was properly like that here!!