Sunday, January 17, 2010

One Of Those Days

When I woke up this morning I came into the front room to find Jim worrying over Mr Gibbs broken vivarium light. He gave me a look and told me it was going to be one of those days. He was not wrong!

We decided to take the car up to Charlton Reptiles to get a new light and some food for Mr Gibbs. The cars front wheel looked a little deflated but we decided to go anyway and stop off at a garage to top it up. At the top of Point Hill, just behind our house, we realised it wasn't just a little deflated... it was flat.

Bobby Rossong Yoinked from Queerty

So lots of fiddling around later we managed to change the tyre... and as we attempted to turn the engine on to power our emergency tyre inflater it conked out. Much fiddling around later, and discovering not only was the car broken but the tyre inflater was too, we got the car working again and managed to get it home.

Abandoning this route we decided to see if Wickes had the light we needed. The light we needed was a bayonet, but Wickes only had screw in ones. Aha! thought Jim, I'll just buy a screw in light fitting... but all the light fittings they had were bayonet!! Joined up supply there, me thinks!!

Next plan: go to Lewisham by DLR and then walk down to Ladywell to a pet shop there. Jim doesn't have Oyster and my Oyster isn't topped up and they don't do DLR returns any more!!!! Deciding we'd rather walk then pay 4 quid for a ticket for 3 stops, we headed down into Lewisham, stopped off at Spoons for a much needed top up and finally got to the pet shop. Surprisingly they had what we needed, which was concerning in itself, and we headed back (via Spoons again). Jim suddenly had an urge for jam pudding (don't ask) so we headed to Tesco's... just after we'd crossed the road by the railway bridge and were heading passed Maggies we heard a thud and screams from behind us. Some girl had just been hit by a car that promptly drove off! The police were there in seconds so we moved on quickly...

4 hours after we set off... we returned home with a light and food for Gibbs and beer and chocolate for ourselves. Stress-o-rama!!!

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  1. oh dear I think I would have gone home and pulled the covers over my head!

    Hopr your next Sunday is better!