Sunday, January 24, 2010

Leave All This To Yesterday

Coming to the end of the weekend, and of Under The Dome too, and I'm feeling low as low can be. Have been all week. Maybe it's the time of year, after all my great European adventure happened at the same time of year. Perhaps I have SAD. Now that would be somewhat unfortunate in that I am a cold weather person! But also so very apt.

I know, getting rid of this Black Dog would mean I'd no longer be me any more. My emotional ups and downs are as much as part of me as my height or my inherent shyness in public. It's just I hate how they affect others. I can ride them out, but can my relationship? My friendships? My job?

I don't mean to hurt or upset others when I'm like this, but I do. I know I do. I hurt my Mum more than I will probably ever be able to understand when I ran away. I hurt people still.

If angels were real, they'd absolutely look like Mario Maurer

Grr... well that's me this week. I'm sure I'll be fine again next... I've been through enough ups and downs to know neither state lasts forever which is, in itself, both a blessing and curse. So don't worry unduly Dear Constant Reader!

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