Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ways To Make Money 1: Rile Up The English

I have upset some rather brash and cynical "English" folk over on Walk This World with a badly written and ill thought out rant (is there any other kind?) but the plus point of this is... I got so many hits! And of course some Google Ad revenue came my way. Even as they fling insults at me, each one is helping me out just a little bit. I don't think I should tell them how much I appreciate that as I think their heads might explode with their misdirected anger. Bless them. They have accused me of being a northerner, posh and worse still... English. One is not posh. One is from Snodland.

Currently sitting here contemplating the bag Mini Reese's Cups which Jim has arranged to collect from an American friend he is meeting on a business trip to Paris today, which I can't wait to get when he gets home. Yum yum!! Feeling rather lovey dovey at the moment, more so than usual and that was before Jim announced Reese's Cups were on the horizon... Gotta love the Jim!

A few weeks ago I saw this truly gorgeous man on the District line. The sort of guy who would usually become the subject of an instant crush, stalker dossier and all. But I managed to maintain my composure and forgot about him... until I got on a train at Earls Court and there he was... You will be pleased to hear, Dear Constant Reader, that I managed to keep repeating "You have Jim. You have Jim. You have Jim." which allowed me not to follow him towards Tesco's at Hammersmith when we got off the train (it was my original destination but I know what I'm like... I refuse to get another idiotic childish crush ever again). How proud of me are you?? Because this guy was, and I'm going to say it now, more attractive than MT!

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  1. More attractive than MT?! :0

  2. Next time get photographic proof!!!

  3. Zoe: Yes it's true. Scary, but true.

    Stephen: I'm trying not to be a scary stalker, you are not helping! ;)

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