Saturday, January 24, 2009

Slowly Goes

Thanks to a direct debit mishap this week up to yesterday has been a little... tough. I have to say food never looked as nice as the TWO jumbo chocolate croissants I had for breakfast yesterday after a week of "one meal a day" days.

Work. Work is stressing me out right now... nothing runs smoothly there and I'm constantly surprised as each new disaster presents itself to me. But Darkblade has been sighted a couple of times which has cheered me somewhat, even if he isn't really a proper crush but instead just the best of a average looking bunch of men there. But I have applied for a permanent position. I'm a glutton for punishment.

I've now officially finished all the books bought for me at Christmas. Which is a lot of books. I think I am now well prepared for a zombie apocalypse though. Thanks zombie book buyers!

On the television front: Your Country Needs You (the new Eurovision act selection programme) has settled into a boring, but more respectful, talent show format. Yawn.

Demons has not improved, and has an ever decreasing amount of naked flesh from Christian Cooke. Let's face it, it really is the only reason most people watch the show.

Total Wipeout, however, is a Saturday night gem. As a Ninja Warrior fan I was a bit worried it would be total crap. But some of the contestants have been so bad that it has been unerringly funny.

But of course top of the television stakes this year so far is, of course, the second series of the new Gladiators. And I say this as someone who considers anything shown on Sky 1 must have any good points halved just for being made by the Evil Empire (News Corporations other name). And I don't even just like it for the half naked muscular men getting rough with the contestants... but...

Spartan from Gladiators is my belated man of 2008 and my early nomination for man of 2009. He is gorgeous! Some have complained about having his legs wrapped around them on hang tough. Trust me, I would not be complaining...

Plus Goliath has added a little extra "shit my pants he's so big and scary" factor to the show this time round.

This blogger works for nothing but the joy of writing but always appreciates things bought from his wishlist


  1. Demons is good, but not enough of flesh to show as you so corectly point out.

    I'm so over euro song vision or whatever, it's just not grabbing me by the nackers and spining me around. Unlike Todd Carty on Dancing on Ice last night!

    Im so skint now that we're in the last week before payday that I've just picked out on some stale leftover peanuts from the back of the cupboard. Tomorrow I've got a tin of sweetcorn - yummy!

  2. A tin of sweetcorn?? Some of us would kill for such a luxury! ;) Glad I'm not the only one suffering lol

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