Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jae: Volume 3, Issue 9

The stoopid. It burns. That sums up much of my internet interaction of late. I'm becoming ever more forgiving of stupidity as the basic level of intelligence seems to be disturbingly low.

Anyhew... I've been drinking so much of late. It's very bad. Friday... drinking with Rod, Melissa (our neighbours) and their friend down the local. Saturday... drinking with Rod and Melissa in our garden whilst playing Shithead. At first we thought this was a joke game that would never end. Then we actually realised we were playing it wrong. D'oh!

Made a lot of money betting on the financial markets so yay!

My current comic book obsession is burning bright...

A major discovery was made this weekend: I cannot, for love nor money, play Guitar Hero 3. My hands and brain are obviously not up to the task.

I have a new job starting in September. Boo... and yay...

As you can see I'm struggling to think of things to write. I've lost my muse. If you see him please call 1-800-JAE-MUSE. He answers to the name of Matt Damon. :D

I leave you with some sites of interest...

Real Super Powers - Is it a joke? Is it serious? No... it's insane!

The Olympic Medals Table - Sadly most of the comments I've seen on the internet about Team GB have been along the lines of "Shame it's not an English team". Well you know my thoughts on people like that (they should present themselves for a good shooting immediately), go Team GB!!! Britain rocks.

My Wishlist - See into the very depths of my soul. On a shopping site. Who'd have thought it?? :D


  1. Shithead is possibly the greatest card game known to Man. We must get together for a game. You on Guitar Heroes is something i HAVE to see! Must admit, i've found most of the GB medals feedback to be positive- mainly along the lines of "As long as we beat the Auusies!" GO GB!!! Take care.

  2. Yeah, I was saying down the pub the day it'd cheer me up if we beat the Aussie's (mainly because I was sitting opposite Melissa, who's Aussie ;) )

    Trust me, imagine someone not hitting a single note. That was me on Guitar Hero!

    Shithead was great... yes we must get together to play it, plus obviously drink a little ;)

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