Monday, August 04, 2008

Jae: Volume 3, Issue 6

Wow. What a busy 4 days! Thursday was bowling night!!! A huge group of Eurofficer's headed out to Elephant and Castle for the traditional bowling evening... we took over three lanes and bowled our hearts out. Pictures will follow shortly. After bowling, via a brief stop to watching topless dancers, we headed to the noodle bar and stuffed our slovenly faces full of noodley goodness.

I may have been a little drunk and I apologise to all Eurofficers, thanks for coming it was a blast!

I did something out of character and got a the 188 bus home with Peter W, which dropped me off just by the Naval Academy. This allowed me to see Greenwich after midnight... a scary place indeed. Drunks, sexy Asian barmen waiting on street corners, the homeless people sleeping in shop doorways and the strangely polite pedestrian traffic.

Friday: early start. Jim and I headed up to Hemel Hempstead for day out with Becca, Ian and Hannah. We hit the town centre, the Marlowes as it's called, and had Chinese buffet. Yeah... this was my third Chinese in a row!! After that we did some shopping and I feed my comic addiction picked up some graphic novels.

We dropped Becca and Hannah off and picked up an Emily before heading off for Birmingham.

We got there late afternoon, threw our stuff in the hotel and headed out to the Toby Carvery for dinner. We then retired to our room and watched The Spiderwick Chronicles (borrrrring) before falling a sleep.

The next morning and it was another early start... we headed off to Heaven Cadbury's World. Mmm... it was all I ever dreamed off, except for the awfully rude staff there. Oh well... none were to ruin my worship of the God of Chocolate (Dairy Milk...).

After that we headed down to Solihull to the local shopping centre "Touchwood". So close to being Torchwood, I hereby rename it. We went to the Cineworld there and watched The Dark Knight... again. Still fantastic. Picked up a few more graphic novels... darn... we all know what Jae's current obsession is...

We had dinner at the Toby Carvery again.

Sunday: another early start. This time we checked out of our hotel and headed north to RAF Cosford to visit the RAF museum there. Jim practically married the Vulcan on display there while I cooed and awwed over the more quirky exhibits. Pictures to follow...

Headed home via KFC and Hemel. A long but fun weekend was had by all. Except my wallet. My wallet is not a happy chappy.


  1. Sounds like a nice weekend and long trip. It's hurricane season here now so we stay close to home mostly.

    Something all the devoted readers miss I'm sure are your trips north to go curling. Or have you been doing it in secret?

    Yes, photos soon! Please!

  2. Anonymous9:01 am

    Small world. Many of my blog and Facebook friends live in Solihull. I'm told it's like the Greenwich of London.

    James x

  3. Curling is currently on hiatus, but hopefully Jim and I will get back to it some time...

    Photos... soon... I really will try!!

    Solihull was actually very nice, quite pretty in parts and the shopping centre was impressive... clean but not lifeless like Bluewater.

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