Saturday, August 09, 2008

Jae: Volume 3, Issue 7

So I had my first interview for a new job this week.

Thursday I headed up town to purchase a new shirt, and on the way attempted not to kill anyone. It was a difficult task with fellow British numpties mixing with slow tourists on Oxford Street but eventually I made it to the Edgware Road High and Mighty and quickly purchased what I wanted including a £49.99 tie. I've been informed by Jim this was actually not a tie but a “rip off”. Nice to know. ;)

On the way home I just happened to pass by a comic book shop, Orbital Comics, and popped down the stairs to take a look. It was awesome, just like the comic books I remember from when I last suffered a comic book addiction... as the smell of old comic books wasted up my nose I rummaged around the new comics section and purchased a few... Wonderful.

Friday, interview day. I headed down to Queens Town Road station and discovered that Vauxhall has competition for grimmest south west London location. Found the place I needed to go easily (what did we ever do before Google Maps??) but I don't feel my interview went well. But hey, I've been out of the game for three years and it's only the first interview I've been too. I now have a few more lined up for next week.

After that I headed home and took over from Jim on “cleaning the house in readiness for the annual visit by Jim's Mum” duty. He headed off to Gatwick airport to pick her up as I discovered that there is indeed a floor in the bathroom. Who knew...

Jim's Mum arrived and we went down the local and had a bite to eat and few drinks out in the garden. New barman (for me anyway) at the local who is.... gorgeous. Sure he's just a baby but given he's working behind the bar I'm assuming he's more than legal.

Saturday: Jim and I went down the local to help move a pizza oven from the patio to the first floor kitchen. Mark was there, plus Gus to lend a hand. Now, as always when it comes to any sort of manual labour, I felt fairly useless but did help a little bit. There was much pulling on ropes and picking up of heavy ovens... but it was all done in the end.

After this we headed down to Lewisham. Other than when we go to visit the topless car wash (unofficial) I'm never so keen on visiting Lewisham. Everyone walks so slowly there and because it was raining they all carried my arch nemesis... the Umbrella. Oh how I wish I had some sort of acid spray which when used would burn away the plastic and leave me able to safely walk down a street once more..

Anyway, after finally getting home I settled down here to update you, my Dear Constant Reader, with a much delayed update.

P.S. If Jim and his mother don't stop arguing about who is paying for things then I may have to commit suicide....


  1. JK

    avoid Ox St at all costs. Just go to Ted Baker, summer sale, best shirt.

    But truth told, I still prefer M&S, where they bring them in at £14.99.


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