Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jae: Volume 3, Issue 10

Well that was a long weekend away! Friday Jim and I traveled down to Lympne to see my family. We did our usual stop at Ashford Tesco's, before driving down through Sellindge where Jim took great pleasure in mocking my oft repeated "I used to live there" as we drove part Richardson Court and Somer Barn Court.

We got to Lympne and settled in for a relaxing evening with the family, watching telly and eating take away. Sadly whilst Coronation Streets intro was playing (my Mum is a closet soap addict) Ollie phoned and I feel I shall now never live that moment down. I DO NOT WATCH SOAPS! ;)

Saturday: we headed on mass to Canterbury, with Tony driving at fiendishly high speed up Stone Street. The twins needed new school uniforms and Mum was insistent we paid a visit to the, recently moved, Whatever Comics so she could buy me some more comics to feed my addiction. Check out the first issue of Air. It's very good!

Sunday: Jim and I had an adventure to Herne Bay, for reasons I won't go into. Jim was a little remiss in not noticing Herne Bay is the opposite side of Kent from... Lympne. Fun! :D

Monday: Our last day down the parents. Auntie Jill and the girls turned up. Due to an acrimonious divorce I haven't seen Jill since the day Melly took a turn for a worse and the entire family turned up at the Royal Marsden Hospital. Nice to see her, even if she is a frightfully loud and positively ENGLISH person. Jim and I also took some time out to visit Folkestone and found the town centre continues to decay now that the new shopping centre is open. Honestly... they might as well just turn it into houses and make it a normal road. It'll look a lot nicer.

We headed home to make a grim discovery... a giant spider had taken up home in our front room. And, worse, after we briefly spotted it moving in the net curtain it disappeared. Jim was not at all happy at this development and slept uneasily that night.

Today.... not more than half an hour ago the giant spider returned, menacingly moving within a M&S bag on the floor, its long legs purposefully probing the plastic. Jim was up on the sofa and experiencing the first stages of severe shock even before I, as resident spider catcher, had made my move. Now I'm sure you, Dear Constant Reader, know my "NO KILLING" policy when it comes to spiders. But for this bruiser even I was not prepared to attempt a capture. It was the largest spider I've ever seen. I sadly had to put it out of Jim's misery with the use of a foot. I offer my apologies to the spiders next of kin.

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