Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ugh... Big Brother

Yes it's that time of year again for a blogpost about the latest series of Big Brother never to be followed up because I lose interest. As you know, Dear Constant Reader, there is a long tradition of that on this blog!

I won't bore you, too late, with details on all the contestants. You're either watching it or you're not. But may I just say; MY GOD I HATE LYDIA.

There is an idiot in the house, and his name is Arron. Sure he's cute but I'm not going to pretend he isn't totally irritating. I could sympathise with the resultant annoyance this has elicited in Lydia if it was not for the fact she retaliated with that age old red flag along the lines of "Why don't you act like a real man" and "Oh stop being a little boy and grow up".

Now imagine if I was annoyed with a woman and shouted at her "Oh shut up and get back to the kitchen." How do you think that'd go down? Like a lead balloon I'd hope. And these appeals for people to be "real men" have the same effect with me.

Now Lydia need only backstab someone else I hate (Deana) and it sends me apoplectic. Every little thing she does annoys me now, and I want her out of the house like yesterday. She is as bad as Nasty Nick but more blazon. She is everything I hate in a person.


I like to calm down by staring at Arron and going "Ooo... pretty".

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