Saturday, June 30, 2012

New Work Related Totty? Almost.

Since Rugby Boy left, work has been particularly devoid of interesting things to look at. Long gone are the days of Tube Boi. *sigh* However Friday found me in a well hidden office across the field from my own for a meeting and as I passed through one office my eyes locked with those of a hot guy in our sister company's uniform. Now remember for our eyes to lock that would make him about 6'10". Swoon!

Our eyes only locked in the way rather tall people's tend to, sharing that moment of understanding between us that only individuals of minority groups can comprehend. Now just because I'll probably never encounter him again, as to do so would involve me going back to an office I've not encountered through combined 4 years with the company, doesn't mean I can't hold out hope that finally the work related totty drought is coming to an end! Hurrah! Just in case his totty codename shall be... Tall Boy.

In other news: Ayden and his sidekick Finn have been accosting zebras and wildebeest.

No, really.

Never underestimate the adventures a Tamaskan can have in Kent. 

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