Sunday, February 28, 2010

I Have A Plan

Yes, that's right. A plan. Obviously, you've heard this all before Dear Constant Reader. But I am determined to move from stressful living in London with debt to just getting on with a peaceful life in Folkestone without worry. I must do it. It's time to grow up! 

Yoinked from Asian Hunks

Friday saw me attended Stephen K. Amos' "Feelgood Factor" at the Hammersmith Apollo. It was alright, click the link to see my review.

Otherwise nothing much to report (beyond receiving a very envy-inducing email from Arwen. Tut!). Soon, Dear Constant Reader, I promise to be one post a day exciting!

If you feel benevolent and particularly generous, this writer always appreciates things bought for him from his wishlist

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