Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sometimes I Think The Whole World's Insane

I must be very, very weird. I mean that in the mental sense, so no comments such as "Yes, a 6'8" gay guy is pretty strange" please! :p

I cannot understand other people. I don't understand people's interest in the personal lives of celebrities. I don't understand why people don't just look where they are going. I can't comprehend why people get so emotional sometimes.

Item: Window shoppers. They walk along, staring off to the side ploughing through others with no care. I cannot imagine being so unself-conscious.

Item: People who get to the checkout, wait in line for 5 minutes, pack their goods AND THEN decide it's time to begin the "Where did I put my wallet/purse dance?".

Item: People who get to the checkout, wait for all their goods to be scanned BEFORE they even start packing. What is that all about?

Item: Customers who give you a long story, and then when you offer a solution (and acknowledgement you have understood and heard their rather uninteresting story) they repeat themselves. One in every two customers do this. It's as if they had spent so long figuring out what they were going to say when refused before they picked up the phone, that when their problem is resolved within a minute they can't comprehend what to do.

Item: People who start speaking over you when you answer the phone.

Item: People who cry because their cooker is broken.

Item: People who feel the need to make out in public places.

And the list goes on. Almost everyone I see is engaged in an activity I find perplexing, illogical and mad. Which must mean... I'm the mad one. I must be totally insane. Lock me up! Please... get me away from these people.

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  1. You are so wise. I dont understand the checkout/purse thing at all.

  2. you are not alone... the stupidity of people makes me go insane