Thursday, November 05, 2009

GLBT Action Committee

So today was the second meeting of work's new GLBT action committee, and the first I've been able to attend (not counting Friday's vigil). Ten of us showed up to try and work out what we were actually meant to be doing. It was an interesting group and our decisions (based mainly on the reason for our creation: dissatisfaction among GLBT staff) were pretty damn great. Best part was it was the least PC meeting I've ever been to.

After the meeting we headed down to Hammersmith's gay bar, theHope and Anchor. This is a totally ungentrified, two room pub with plenty of... character. But as I said to some of the others who turned their noses up at first, it's nice to have these sort of pubs still around. Poppy, the overly excited pub dog, was the icing on the cake (although I think you should leave any food items outside as she has no qualms about bringing you down in search of your food items as one member of our group discovered). Not a bad place and a nice evening was had.

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