Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Calm Before The Storm

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Jim and I are currently in a No Man's Land of uncertainty. Our time in Greenwich is almost certainly coming to an end, and our new lives in Folkestone are almost certainly soon to begin. But nothing is sure, and we really haven't properly begun to prepare (more through procrastination than anything else).

So we will need to get to it. So, Dear Constant Reader, if I am somewhat absent through the next couple of months... please forgive me! I am off to Lochgoilhead on Friday for a long weekend with Jim, Mum, her new man and the siblings. Then I need to get my Christmas shopping out the way (for those stuck for ideas I have my Amazon Wishlist and my Firebox Wishlist). At the same time sorting and packing our possessions is well overdue. Intersperse with Christmas parties and unexpected other things and you have one hell of a busy month ahead!! Ouch.

So again... forgive me if I am somewhat absent for parts of the time ahead... it's all for a good reason, not bad!!

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